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 Application Form

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PostSubject: Application Form   Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:03 pm

First register on this Forum!
Then copy the following text and open a new topic here:

Quote :
Ruler Name:
Nation Name:
Nation Link:  
In compliance with the application requirements: (Y/N)
In Compliance with the Landsloven: (Y/N)
Former Alliance(s):
Position(s) held in previous alliance(s):
Reasons for leaving your former Alliance(s):
Who Recruited You:
Where do you live, or if it's too private for you, what's your timezone:
IRC active?:  
Reasons to become a viking of Niflheimr:
I, (ruler name), agree that if I give false information on this application my nation is subject to whatever action deemed appropriate by the NiR ríkisþing.

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Application Form
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