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 Landsloven - The Niflheimr charter

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PostSubject: Landsloven - The Niflheimr charter   Landsloven - The Niflheimr charter I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 06, 2015 1:50 am


Art I. Introduction

1. The Name

The alliance Name is Niflheimr riki. It means Niflheim Empire, whereby Niflheim is one of the 9 worlds in the norse religion,
represented by everlasting cold and frozen plains.

2. Culture, religion, flag and symbolism

The NiR theme is norse culture and viking in particular.
The offical religion of NiR is the Ásatrú.
Our flag is called the "Hjelmsflagg", picturing a viking helmet and a valknut on blue ground.
The official symbol of NiR is the valknut.

Art II. Government and Titles

All Council members are appointed by the current Konge, at the suggestion of their predecessors. The entirety of the council members, including the Konge, is called the ríkisþing, without him Ráðherra.

Konge - The Konge is the ultimate authority, he possess Veto power on all matters and appointments. Can only be replaced by a 2/3 majority vote called which rebellion, a unanimous vote in the council called a "Lade-Coup" or by voluntary resignation.

Lensman - Is the Minister of internal affairs. The Lensman will oversee day to day activities including, but not limited to, growth and citybuilding, new members, the communications used by the Kingdom, the forum, IRC and more. The Lensman has the power to expell and ban members who breach any law without trial and can only be overruled by the king.

Årmann - Is the Minister of financial affairs. The Årmann will oversee and run all financial matters of the Kingdom. Including but not limited to, managing the bank and its stockpiles, any and all loan requisitions, aid and savings programms run by the Kingdom. The Årmann can exclude anyone from reciving aid, loans or any other financial systems. The Årmann can only be overruled by the King in financial matters.

Hersier - Is the Minister of Defense. The Hersier will oversee and run all millitary matters of the Kingdom. Including but not limited to, training the vikingr in combat, enforcing discipline and supervising the individual millitary requirements (warchest), monitoring potential threats and running all of the Kingdoms wars and coordinated raidings of the white-christs lands.

Thane - Is the Minister of foreign affairs. The Thane will oversee and run all the foreign affairs matters of the Kingdom. Including but not limited to, maintaining embassies with both friendly and hostile forces, keeping in contact with all allies and keeping them informed of our actions, and maintaining our friendships across orbis.

Seer - Is the religous head of the Kingdom, the Seer is tasked to provide wisdom and guidance to the alliance. He is responsible for sharing knowledge about the gods and forefathers to the members and through his spiritual contact to Asgard he'll influence our daily decisions in accordance with the will of the gods.

Art. III - Raid & War

Raiding other Alliances is encouraged by NiR, but only if they've 9 members or less.
Everything above is considered a DoW, but we're not paperless,
so it will be announced by the will of Thor, the God of War.

Art. IV - Treason and Expulsion

Those who commit treason are by default chosen as sacrifice to the gods.
Their sacrifice comes in form of pixelized blood.

Desertion Clause:
No nation may leave during wartime unless authorized by the Konge.
Also, no nation may leave if they had taken large amounts from the banks without contributing in return.

Art. V - Amendments

Any motion to amend or add to this charter or general Niflheimr policies may be submitted to the ríkisþing for review, and be voted upon within the ríkisþing.

Landsloven - The Niflheimr charter GbzfbHI
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Landsloven - The Niflheimr charter
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